Incredibly delicious Izakaya(Japanese bar) SHIBUEMON

From Kataharamachi station only 1 minute walk, and from the guesthouse only 2 minutes walk .

SHIBUEMON is one of the most delicious places in Kagawa and the prices are very reasonable whatever you order in this place will defiantly be surprisingly delicious.

We also going quite often to this place and we always have a hard time to choose what we want to eat at this time because everything is so good.

SHIBUEMON entrance

TSUKEMONO is a pickles and in this Izakya it comes with so many different varieties.


For beef lovers, Olive beef is wagyu beef that made specially in Kagawa prefecture and one of the most delicious dishes you can try, It is also not so much heavy so you will have place for more delicious stuff that on the menu.


Kagawa prefecture is located on the Setouchi Islands and in this area the fish is extremely tasty and fresh, this dish is also coming with Miso soup which adds more flavor to the Sushi.


Dashimaki Tamago, a classic Japanese home cooked-dish, it is made by mixing soup stock with beaten eggs and frying them, and in this Izakaya comes with Negi (green onion) and spicy fish eggs (they are not too spicy) and you can also choose without the the spicy fish eggs.

Potato salad

This Potato salad is coming mash and thin-sliced potato with vegetable on top of it.


Chicken breast strips covered with tempura and Shiso leaf which brings a lot flavor to the dish .

Also this Izakaya have Japanese sake that originated in Kagawa,

and alcohol menu comes with many choices and it will defiantly add more taste and flavor to your meal.

We will be very happy whenever you come to visit Kagawa and go to visit this amazing place.

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