Honetsukidori-chicken legs.

In Kagawa prefecture there is two very special dishes, one well known as Udon which is a thick noodles that comes in many varieties and topics which we will explain about it later and the other one is Honetsukidori which is chicken legs, it goes well with other dishes like rice and miso soup and beer as well, and there is 2 kind of the chicken legs, one goes by the name Oya-Dori which is made from more older age chicken and its more hard to chew but goes well with beer, and the other is Hina-Dori which is more softer then the first one and we would say more likable then the first one, in Takamatsu there is a few good places where you can eat this delicious dish, but our favorite and our recommended place called YORI DORI MIDORI, its located about 10 minutes from the 777 Takamatsu Guesthouse itself and its very easy to find the place, we go there often and each time we want to enjoy a very delicious dish with beer this is the right place for our opinion and its quite popular in our area, You can also order a take out and eat it wherever you like.

This is the entrance

Tori meshi You must order this!


address:Hyogo machi 1-24 Takamatsu city Kagawa prefecture 760-0024

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