Room 301 Japanese room

This room is a japanese style room and can accommodate up to 4people.This room is a FUTON style room. The room comes with rice cooker, kettle, oven and refrigerator. And also it have all kind of dishes such as hot pots, plates and chopsticks so it is recommended for a family stay.

Room 302 Twin bed room

This room is a twin bed room plus 2 FUTON. A total of 4 people can be accommodated in this room.There is a large refrigerator and freezer, kettle and oven .This room is popular with travelers from overseas. This room is also recommended for couples.

Room 401 Deluxe room

This room is a deluxe room with a capacity of 6 people. Up to 6 people can stay with 4 bunk beds and 2 futons. Equipped with a refrigerator, kettle and oven, it is recommended for groups and large families.

Room 402 Family room

This room has a capacity of 4 people. The interior and colors of the room are full of warm colors so that you can feel as if you are back to your own home. Equipped with refrigerator, kettle and oven. feel free to use our dishes for your own cooking style. There is also a dinning table so you can enjoy dining with your family and friends.